Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Guidelines for posting comments (if you care ;-)

I thought since I've asked people I know, and any other visitors to this site, to post thoughts on my poems, I should provide some guidelines.

1. I will try to make a note if I want FEEDBACK...like "how can I improve this poem?". Otherwise, assume I'd just like your general feelings about the poem, like "this moved me" or "this didn't really do it for me".

2. If I say "this is rough, I could use feedback" here's what I usually mean:
*what works, what doesn't?
*does any of it not make sense?
*are there spots where I "tell" instead of "show" or "talk" v.s. evoke emotions and images?
*would you leave any parts or lines or words out?

I hope this helps those of you who thought about replying but didn't know what I really wanted. Thanks to all who've offered up your thoughts on the poems here in emails to me!


Monday, July 25, 2005

New poem(s) coming HERE soon! :-)

Just a stupid little note to say I have NEW poems! They aren't written yet, but they exist - in my mind! LOL! I don't mean poems I've been ruminating on for years...these are ones that came to me during the time off since the last day of school. I think they're gonna be good. And with Writing.com folks helping me out, I know if they start crappy, eventually I can make them good! LOL! Check back here soon. - Amy

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Anne Lamott

My favorite author right now is Anne Lamott . The first book of hers I ever read was "Bird By Bird". It wasn't strictly about poetry, but it gave some great advice on writing in general that could definately apply to poetry...and all along the way she shared stories of her crazy, glorious, blessed and faith-filled life.

Click on the link to go to her page at the Barclay Agency. She really is a treasure!

STLtoday - Entertainment - Books

Right now I am reading "The Blue Shoe" by Anne Lamott. When I get pregnant (God willing), I plan to read "Operating Instructions".

And then I have to read the follow up to "Traveling Mercies" which I loved so much. It is her most recent book "Plan B: More thoughts on Faith". Read a review here: STLtoday - Entertainment - Books

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I have yet another venue for my poetry. It is at Writing.com . Since nobody really seems to visit here, or if the do, they don't post comments...I thought it would be a better forum for getting feedback. this will just be an attractive space for all of my poems. But I hope folks will still consider leaving feedback either on THIS site, and/or at this new one:


In poetry, and in collaboration ;-),