Saturday, September 17, 2005

So what IS it you plan to do with your one, wild and precious life?

This page is from the Social Venture Network, and it is what they call their Portrait Project. It is a page of their members, each responding to the question posed by Mary Oliver, part of which it the title of this blog. "What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?".

I love the idea of posing this to people and presenting their answers publically.
I invite anyone who stumbles upon this blog to do the same. Leave a reply in which you answer the question. I'll do the same.


Monday, September 05, 2005

VG: Voices from the Gaps

I have loved the website "Voices from the Gap" for many years. Now, VG: Voices from the Gaps has been totally revamped and improved. It has become an even more vibrant learning community.

I encourage all poetry students and teachers, and anyone interested in learning about a wider group of women writers, to visit this site. As their site will tell you, this is a website dedicated to women artists and writers of color. Now, "VG/Voices from the Gaps is a web-based trans-national academic community including students, teachers, artists, and scholars. VG provides resources about artists and writers. VG forges a collective effort of scholars who digitally interract with each other. VG contains biographical and critical analysis, pedagogical information, and histories of translation. VG archives recorded sound, film, and image collections; interviews, and online conversations with web logs (blogs)."

To learn why they use this photo by JEANNE GOLDMAN, go to this page of their website, and scroll all the way down.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Wage Peace by Judyth Hill

My friend Jessie put a copy of Wage Peace by Judyth Hill in her Christmas cards in 2001. I felt blessed by it. So when I ran across it today, and thought about what a sadly timely poem it stil is, I thought I ought to blog a link to it. Read the poem there, and then explore the rest of the site, and other peace sites on my blog and my website. Warm Prayers of Peace, Amy

Summer yet to become poems

Welcome Fall!

It has been a very busy summer, after a somewhat tumultuous Spring. There has been much material for poetry. I have felt blessed and inspired this summer, but haven't had the time to complete any poems between job interviews and travelling. I know my new teaching job will keep me busy, but here are some topics I've been working on poems for:

my Aunt Barbara
my loving MIL
my relationships with people I love who are very different from me

(Poems written about other people will be written anonymously or *not* posted here ;-) )

loved ones I've not been able to get what I want from ;-)
biting off more than you can chew
gaining self-acceptance
rainbows after short storms/the metaphorical "rainbow after the storm"
wisdom gained from hard times (based on a story a friend told me about a great sermon she'd been touched by)
more than a few childhood memories good/bad
gaining the Faith to hold on during hard times, knowing they will pass
my love for relationships with people who are "transparent"
my DISlike of the view of disability as pathology
the experience of lack of privacy when one is disabled
seeing a sea of redhats outside a UU church
learning to swim, learning to trust
reaching out for unconditional love
a poem about Balance in life
a poem about God's unconditional love throughout all our screwups
some poems from frig magnet lists ;-)

Whew! And these are only the inspirations that came to me THIS summer! I have old ones written on my computer that I've never gotten around to writing them. I find that I have either the good state of mind (MOTIVATION, CALM, ENERGY and the HEART) for writing poems...or the TIME...but rarely BOTH. :-)

Here's hoping any poets reading this have better luck getting to their craft than I have lately.

- Amy